Cherry Trifle!

Hey Everyone!

This recipe can be found under Bakewell trifles on the BBC good food website where the recipe is done slightly differently to how I have done it (but still tastes just as nice)!It takes 30 to 50 minutes to make and is simple and easy. You don’t even need to cook it! So here’s the recipe:
 Ingredients/Things you will need:
•25g of crunchy amaretti biscuit
•140g of Madeira loaf cake
•225g of cocktail cherries
•200g of cherry compote or jam (I recommend compote!)
•300g of custard
•300ml of double cream
•Topping of your choice
The ingredients don’t have to be the exact amount that the recipe suggests, it all depends on the size of the bowl. If you have a larger bowl then you might need a bit more to make a proper layer, but if you have a fairly small bowl you might need a little less. The bowl I used was 24 cm by 24cm across and 10cm down and I required a little bit more.
•Bowl (bowl that trifle will be served / kept in)
•Mixing bowl
•Rolling Pin
•Plastic sealable bag
•Whisk/Hand Mixer
1.First of all, put the amaretti in the plastic bag and, using the rolling pin, crush the biscuits into fine crumbs.
2.Use the crushed amaretti to make a biscuit base at the bottom of the bowl.
3.Next, cut the Madeira loaf cake into 1/2 cm to 1 cm thick slices and place on top of the base to form a brick like pattern. ( if you have any gaps where you can see the biscuit cut the slice in half and fill them in)
4.After that, cut the cherries in half and place them down so that the round side faces up and the flat side of the half is on the Madeira loaf slices.
5.Then, dollop the compote or jam on top of the cherries until you have a nice thick layer.
6.Put the custard and cream into the mixing bowl and use the whisk/hand mixer to beat together the custard and cream until it gets to the ribbon stage.
7.Spoon the cream mix into the bowl.
8.Finally, sprinkle a topping of your choice on the top to finish it off! (chill in the fridge until ready to serve.)


I hope you enjoy this recipe as it is the first I have put on to my blog!

P.S Thank you so much if you have followed, liked or/and commented on my blog the support means a lot to me!☺

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