Create Atmosphere!

Hey Everyone!

The best way to enjoy a bake after a long day is to light a candle! Choose a scent that you really like and light it. It really relaxes you and makes you enjoy your effort even more. If you have guests coming round it gives your home a warm and inviting smell. You can buy candles any where and they range from little tea lights to big three wick ones! So it doesn’t matter if you only like certain smells and or are very picky you will find a candle that you really love!<3  The first on is from Sainsburys and is £2.50. It looks really nice and maybe even Christmassy! It has a jelly layer around a small candle inside. In the jelly it has star anise, cinnamon and dried oranges so it would make a perfect Christmas candle! (even though it’s two months past Christmas. 😦 ) I really like it because I think it looks very pretty and smells really classy! The second one is lavender and has a fairly simple design but still looks amazing. It are also from Sainsbury’s! It has a sweet scent and it’s very strong. I would recommend it to people that like powerful fragrances.

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