Children In Need

Please Help My Cause! This year instead of just sitting back and watching Children In Need on the telly, me and a few of my friends have decided to set up a donation page on JustGiving which is an amazing web site that allows people to raise and donate money for charities! This year we…

Lace up Sandals

  Lace up Sandals by punchypurple123  Hi! My Polyvore account has been suspended:( this is because of a Birthday mix up, but I will hopefully be able to upload more soon 🙂

Blush and Marble

  Blush and Marble by punchypurple123 featuring light pink throw pillows

Made by a friend

Made by a friend by punchypurple123 featuring ceramic planters

Hint of Gold

Hint of Gold by punchypurple123 featuring a halter top

Black and White

Black and White by punchypurple123 featuring black and white home accessories

Black and White Tribal Decor

  Black and White Tribal Decor! Hi! I  haven’t posted for a while 😦 but I will post when I can! If you really like fasion and don’t already play Polyvore I definitely recommend that you that you do 🙂

Dark Red Lips!

  Dark Red Lips! by punchypurple123 featuring Lipstick Queen Hi Everyone! I thought I would add a new category to my blog! Sorry I didn’t post last Saturday but it was Jam packed full of stuff to do. This fashion collage was created on an app/website called Polyvore! It is a very fun and cool way…

Cherry Trifle!

Hey Everyone! This recipe can be found under Bakewell trifles on the BBC good food website where the recipe is done slightly differently to how I have done it (but still tastes just as nice)!It takes 30 to 50 minutes to make and is simple and easy. You don’t even need to cook it! So here’s the recipe:…

Cake Toppers!

Hey Everyone! I’m sure this has being thought of before but Pick n’ Mix is a fantastic way to add as a very personal touch to the top of a cake! First of all you can choose how many sweets and what sweets you want to put on top. It also makes the cake (or…

Create Atmosphere!

Hey Everyone! The best way to enjoy a bake after a long day is to light a candle! Choose a scent that you really like and light it. It really relaxes you and makes you enjoy your effort even more. If you have guests coming round it gives your home a warm and inviting smell….